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Certification related to medical assistance is an integral part of making a career fulfilling and rewarding. The Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) is among these certifications. Students interested in taking the exam often find themselves looking for CCMA exam passing score, NHA CCMA exam questions and answers online.


In this blog, we will delve into CCMA certification, CCMA exam passing score, its purpose in the health care sector, and even enlighten interested students on how they can pursue a CCMA program.

What’s CCMA Certification?

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) certification in the United States is a nationally recognized credential for medical assistants by the National Health Career Association (NHA). The CCMA certification recognizes the knowledge of the medical assistant in terms of administrative and clinical competencies, along with the skills involved.


The Reasons for NHA CCMA Exam Certification

Better Job Prospects: CCMA certification means opening avenues for medical assistants. Most of the employers within the healthcare sector, be it hospitals, clinics, or private practitioners, look for candidates who have accepted certifications in their bag. NHA CCMA exam certification would mean the candidate is ahead of his contemporaries when considered for suitability amongst possible suitors.

Skills to the industry standard: After having achieved the NHA CCMA exam certification as a medical assistant, it reflects a professional distributor of the right sets of skills necessary in executing any role on offer as well as demonstrating their appropriateness. More precisely, it comprises some of the key actionable domains such as clinical patient care areas, medical office management, pharmacology, laboratory procedures, and finally medical billing and coding. The CCMA certification allows employers to discern which professionals exhibit that level of competence and commitment to good patient care.

Career Progression and Professional Growth: With an opportunity to step into the world of medical assisting at a basic or entry level, the NHA CCMA exam certification also led to career progressions. CCMA-certified professionals can specialize, grow in management, or make lateral career moves. These are key examples for advancing in their careers.

Enroll in a CCMA Program

Begin by looking for accredited programs of the CCMA located in your area. Find reputable institutions or vocational schools that offer comprehensive courses made especially to prepare students for the NHA CCMA exam.

  • Recheck the Program Curriculum

Look into revisiting the program curriculum to ensure all the necessary topics are covered for the NHA CCMA exam certification. The curriculum should comprise a combination of in-classroom instruction, some practical hands-on training exercises, and a little bit of directed and supervised externship at a healthcare facility.

  • Admission Requirements

Make sure to look through the admission requirements for the CCMA program. Typically, such prerequisites may include having at least a high school diploma or its GED equivalent. In other cases, there are possibly other requirements and entrance exams based on the mandate of a given college or school, so it is really good to be prepared.

  • Financial Considerations

Consider the costs of the CCMA program, such as tuition and payment options. Also, explore the financial assistance available to students. Look up all scholarship programs, grants if available, and student loans at your disposal for potential education financing.

  • Still, on the application and enrollment

Identify well that particular CCMA docket that best describes your needs, from which you should proceed to follow the institution’s application process. Fill in the necessary paperwork and provide the required documents (transcript, identification, among others) before submitting within the guided lines of the application.

  • Prepare for the CCMA Exam

After enrolling, prepare well for the NHA CCMA exam. Understand what the exam is all about, look for study guides or other resources that the program provides, and find online forums or groups to study with to improve your readiness.

How Many Questions are on the NHAC CCMA Exam?

From the above, there is one concern shared by most NHAC CCMA test takers, and it’s none other than the number of questions to be given on the said exam. Having this piece of detail puts test takers on level ground with what they are to go through in the actual examination and helps them in their preparations for it.

Exam questions on the NHAC CCMA typically range from 150 to 200, slightly differing in number per exam. The questions are guided by sections covering clinical and administrative obligations. Knowing the number of questions assigned per section helps structure your efficiency when going through the relevant material.

Knowing the distribution of questions amongst each section of the exam would then be important to optimally plan your preparation. It will help you distribute your study times between different sections depending on the weight those sections hold so that you can ensure that your syllabus is being covered efficiently.

It is also important to note that the number of questions in every NHA CCMA exam will usually not be the same since they vary from one test to another because it is a dynamic test. However, by familiarizing yourself with the range of questions to expect, you will certainly not be surprised on the day of your exam, and therefore you can keep yourself adaptable and have optimal performance the day you sit for your exam.

Familiarity with the distribution of the number of questions will enable you to improve your skills in time management. You should distribute a relative proportion of the time you have for every section with respect to the number of questions, so that you’ve got ample time to deal with every part of the examination equally.

The more you do it, the better you become. Additionally, commit to practicing using mock examinations to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the exam. This sharpens not only the time management skills but also gives confidence in handling the different question types and formats. This way, you can take your test with confidence, knowing that you are equipped with ideas to answer each question that will be thrown at you.

What is CCMA Exam Passing Score?

The NHA CCMA exam passing score typically should be approximately 390. However, it is worth noting that the scoring can vary, so individuals are encouraged to check the official definitions by the National Health Career Association (NHA). This standardized score ensures that a candidate has exhibited the necessary knowledge and abilities to practice as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

Understanding the Scoring Methodology

To help better understand the significance of this passing score, it is imperative to establish knowledge regarding the scoring methodology of the exam. The competencies under consideration in the NHA CCMA test cut across from a clinical as well as an administrative perspective. Normally, different questions have varied weights, starting from complexity to the number of marks they carry. Understanding this two-dimensional scoring system will enable you to improve your focus in the right areas so that you are fully prepared to take on the test.

Strategies for success

Making the grade involves approaching your preparation in a strategic, targeted manner.

Target Weaknesses: Use the information available from practice exams to identify weaknesses and spend extra study time to increase your knowledge in those areas.

Use Study Resources: Take advantage of study resources such as study guides, textbooks, and online facilities covering the curriculum of the NHA CCMA exam. These will provide a good general overview of the key concepts tested.

Simulate Exam Conditions: Regular mock tests under simulated exam conditions emphasize enhancing time management skills and making confidence levels high.

Seek Support: Participants can have small study groups or participate in online forums to enable them to discuss ideas and clear up doubts regarding difficult topics. Depending on the collaboration with others, sometimes a difficult topic becomes easier to understand.

Knowing the passing score for the NHA CCMA exam is not only helpful in a way that it sets a clear target for your preparation but also for motivation along the study journey. There are free NHA CCMA practice exams available online that one can use as they prepare to take the exam. By going into the exam armed with a strategic approach, dedication, and a great understanding of what is required of you, you will be on your way to achieving success and, in turn, your Certified Clinical Medical Assistant certification.

Ace Nursing Program Can Assist You Pass NHA CCMA EXAM

Speaking about the people who are ready to work as medical assistants, NHA CCMA exam certification can be a pretty beneficial thing. This certificate not only shows your completion in terms of the profession but also opens doors for some great job offers and good perspectives on career building within the healthcare sector. Ace Nursing program has a team of experts who can assist you book and take the exam for you. We have years of experience taking the NHA CCMA exam. If you are looking for NHA CCMA exam questions 2022 or the NHA CCMA exam questions 2023 we can help you. Our qualified professionals have a test bank that we often update and can share with you. Go your way in the process to get all the steps offered here, take the needed action to achieve certification along the CCMA program road and create your career as a certified clinical medical assistant that will be content and satisfactory for you.

Which FAQs are asked for on the NHA CCMA Exam?

  • What is the full form of the CCMA?

CCMA stands for Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

  • To whom is this certification provided?

The National Health Career Association (NHA) provides the CCMA certification in the US.

  • What is required to earn CCMA certification?

Usually, applicants for CCMA certification must be the recipients of a high school diploma or have met its equivalent as outlined by the General Education Development test. Some programs may stipulate that students meet certain prerequisites before they can otherwise begin contemplating admission into their courses, such as completion of certain coursework and/or previous work experience within the healthcare field.

  • What does the CCMA exam include?

The CCMA examination includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, clinical patient care, pharmacology, medical office management, laboratory procedures, and medical billing and coding.

  • How long does it take to earn a CCMA certificate or diploma?

Programs for CCMA come in various lengths, depending on the institution and format of the program. In most cases, they last from several months to one year.

  • Is a CCMA certification required for one to become a medical assistant?

Not all the states make it mandatory, nor do some employers. However, most healthcare facilities majorly consider hiring candidates equipped with recognized certifications like CCMA because this makes the candidate look competent and dedicated to the field.

  • What are the career opportunities regarding a CCMA certificate?

A CCMA certification brings forth various opportunities for career assistance in health. Careers include working at hospitals, clinics, physician offices, nursing homes, and urgent care centers, among other places in the health field. They may also have the opportunity to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, cardiology, or dermatology.

  • How much does it cost to be CCMA-certified?

The cost of the CCMA certification can vary depending on the institution and the materials or resources needed to study for it. For the most current fee information, you can contact the specific program or the NHA.

  • What do I need as preparatory materials for my CCMA exam?

Use study guides, textbooks, and online resources to prepare for the CCMA exam. Also, utilize the test exams provided by the program. Joining study groups or online forums can also be helpful for discussing concepts and clarifying doubts.

  • How long is the CCMA certification valid?

Perhaps, in common situations, CCMA certification may remain valid for two years. Certification maintenance may include courses or some recertification requirements, as noted by the certifying agency.

The above FAQs are generic in nature and might have variations as per program requirements and details. Refer to the NHA website or reach out to your relevant program for accurate and latest details on CCMA certification.

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